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Joris Reding

🔐 Passion for Innovation & futuristic Technologies

💻 Dual-Background in IT and Business

🎫 Organization of Crypto Valley Summits & Competitions

🎥 Passionate Filmmaker

🏦 Based in Switzerland

About me

Joris believes that disruptive technology such as blockchain make the world a more prosperous place. A bachelor’s degree in international management and an early-background in software development give Joris a twofold perspective on the technology and the business world. During his studies he has examined the benefits and risks of decentralized business models powered by blockchain. Working for financial institutions such as the Swiss National Bank and for multinational tech-companies such as Microsoft, gave Joris first insights into the great – yet to be discovered – potential.


Digital Security Offering for a Tokenized Cattle Ranch

Crypto Asset Insurance Innovation Sprint by Generali

Blockchain and Market Trand Analysis for the Real Estate Industry

Organization of CV Summit and Competitions (1'000+ attendees)

Explainer Videos about Blockchain-Platforms

Podcast on the Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technology

During the Crypto Valley Conference 2019 in Zug, Switzerland, Michael Nye hosted an episode of his Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Podcast during a sunset cruise on the lake of Zug with the following panelists:

👉Listen to the podcast: https://evolvement.io/a-panel-discussion-about-mass-adoption-with-didi-binance-labs-crypto-briefing-anchor-and-inacta/

😎 Watch the aftermovie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeJxPq9ro50